Frequently Asked Questions

Are your sleep services covered by health insurance? 

In some cases, yes. Through a partnership with Early Roots Nutrition, our services may be reimbursed by extended health care benefits insurance in Canada. You can read more about this option here.

What makes KinderSleep different?

  • Our sleep consultants have extensive expert training and experience. Our training in the Gentle Sleep Coach Program include instruction from
    • Psychologist
    • Family Therapist (with 19 year sleep consultant experience)
    • Pediatric Pulmonologist
    • Pediatric Gastroenterologist
    • Lactation Educator
    • Attachment Specialist
    • and more
    • In addition, our consultants attend weekly supervision for a minimum of 1 year and remain actively engaged in continuing education
  • We have a group practice that includes: Postpartum Doulas, Trained Night Coaches (Sleep Doulas), Night Nannies. as well as Certified Sleep Consultants
  • We have been in the sleep business since 2004
  • We strive to improve sleep using gentle and effective strategies that are very supportive and responsive to the child
  • We offer free talks, webinars, and a subsidy program so everyone can get good sleep information

What sleep coaching methods do you use?

We work with families to create gentle sleep coaching plans that encompass many components to make the process as gentle and effective as possible including tailoring the plan to your child's temperament and family situation.

The coaching methods we use are techniques based in behavioral fading (staying with the child and offering a lot of support and gradually weaning of the support as the child learns sleep skills) and cue-based methods (staying with the child and switching the support offered from high soothing to low soothing)

What makes these methods gentle?

The coaching methods we use involve staying with your child and continually responding with empathy, comfort, and love. The child feels supported and knows that they are not alone while the parent (or Night Coach) encourages them to sleep. We primarily draw on techniques based on 2 philosophies:

Behavioral fading where the child is offered constant, consistent support which is gradually reduced as the child learns sleep skills. There is often crying with this method, however, parents have the option to calm children and respond. Sleep improvements are often seen in 3-5 nights for babies under 18 months and 1-3 weeks for children 18 months to 6 years of age.

Cue-Based which involve offering constant support which is gradually exchanged for lower soothing techniques. These techniques involve more parental support and often take 2-4 weeks before seeing results however the fussing tends to be less.

Specific sleep coaching or sleep training methods that we draw from include:

Loved to Sleep
Kinder Method
Kinder Method Light
Gradual Retreat/Sleep Lady Shuffle
Camping Out
Constant Presence
Creative Problem Solving
Bedtime Fading
Gentle Night Weaning
Attachment Diet

Individual sleep plans may include a combination of techniques or strategies and are tailored to your family's unique situation.

What does "Evaluation of your child’s sleep" mean?

Our consultants are trained by a medical specialists and a Psychologist to assess for

  • Temperament
  • Attachment concerns
  • Medical issues that can cause sleep problems
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Potential feeding issues and scheduling issues that can play a role in sleep
  • As well as the behavioral aspects of sleep in order to create a sleep plan that is tailored to the family and child's needs

This evaluation is done through our 6 page history form that you fill out and is reviewed prior to the consult as well as throughout the consultation.

Our role is to treat behavioral sleep issues. If medical or other issues are present we will refer out to appropriate professionals.

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