About Us

Andrea Strang, Owner and primary consultant. Andrea is the mother of three, a Holistic and Gentle Sleep Coach, Author, and Mentor. She did her Sleep Consultant Training with Naturally Nurturing, Gentle Sleep Coach Program, Gentle Sleep Educator, and the Holistic Sleep Coach Program. She has an associates degree in Marriage and Family Studies and holds several certificates in Infant Mental Health and Advanced Family Functioning. Andrea has helped over 9000 families get better sleep. She also has extensive hands-on experience working with babies throughout the night which has given her unique learning experiences and perspective that many sleep experts lack.

In her sleep practice, Andrea uses a variety of methods and tailors sleep plans to take family values and child temperament into account. She believes in offering support to children as they learn the important skills for a good night's sleep, employing the gentlest methods possible with the goal of seeing results in a time frame that is reasonable for each family.  Read more about  Andrea’s training, experience and philosophy here.

I wanted to send a note to thank you SO much for all of your help. He's sleeping the entire night and going to bed/waking up happy! It has been so amazing to have a well rested, smiling, happy baby. We are finally able to enjoy him in a different way. We also feel so good about how gentle, slow and caring your plan was. You are truly amazing and so knowledgeable. Just hearing your voice was calming as we coached.

Before meeting you I knew that I had to work on sleep as our baby was waking every hour, but I was nervous to make any changes without the support of a coach to both support me and also provide me with evidence based, gentle, supportive strategies.  You are much more than a sleep coach - you saved my breastfeeding relationship, you helped me bond with my baby in a new way, and you made such a positive impact on my marriage - we had our first date last night after getting the boys down for the night! I truly cannot thank you enough.  ~ Jami


Tracy Spackman is the mother of 5 school-aged children ranging from 7-16 years  old. Tracy is passionate about all things family related and sees a need in the world for sleep coaching.  Tracy is trained and certified by Kim West in Gentle Sleep Coaching with 50+ hours of training with specialists in the field and believes in offering educated choices to parents in how they teach their children to put themselves to sleep.

“I have been there and remember the frustration and chaos that comes from a lack of sleep.  I wish I had found a sleep coach 16 years ago.  What a difference it makes. ”