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Review and Evaluation of Client History form

The Client History form will be sent within 24 hours of receiving payment. Please complete and return the form at least 6 hours prior to your scheduled consult. In order to create a sleep plan that is customized to your family and your child's unique needs, our consultants are trained by medical specialists and psychologists to asses for:

  • Temperament
  • Attachment concerns
  • Concerns about potential related medical issues
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Potential feeding issues and scheduling issues
  • Behavioral aspects of sleep
  • Other special needs identified

Our role is to treat behavioral sleep issues. If our assessment identifies potential medical or other issues we will refer out to the appropriate professionals.

Better Sleep Toolkit

Access is included for 3 months. We recommend reviewing at least the Pre-consult Playlist in Module 1 prior to your consult. This will allow us to use your consult time to focus on your unique situation and may reduce overwhelm. The Pre-consult Playlist is approximately 30 minutes. The full Toolkit has more than 5 hours of content. 

Sleep Consultation

Sleep Consultation can be by phone, WhatsApp, or Zoom. International calls are via WhatsApp or Zoom, or you can call your Sleep Consultant. Duration is up to 90 minutes. Includes answering questions, clarifications, & information gathering regarding sleep, family life, goals, and temperament. Together we will build your personalized sleep plan which may include: tailored sleep basics, interim nap plan, assessment of bedtime routine, gentle night feeding/weaning plan, interim steps if needed, promotion of emotional wellbeing, attachment focus, sleep tools, sleep coaching method recommendations, timing of coaching, night one walk through, as well as managing, supporting, and limiting crying.

Written Sleep Plan

Your personalized sleep plan is emailed within 24 hours of consultation. It includes instructions for the specific sleep coaching strategy and any additional information and resources relevant to your child/family.

6 Follow-up Calls

Approximately 15 minutes each or they can be combined for up to 90 minutes total. You can book directly on the calendar or email Andrea directly to arrange your calls. International calls are via WhatsApp or Zoom, or you can call Sleep Consultant.

Email Support

For the 3 months following your consult. Use for quick questions and optional check-ins. Where a detailed response or further inquiry is indicated, a follow-up call will be necessary. You are welcome to send lists of questions via email, however, it may also be necessary to address them over the phone in a follow-up call. Emails are answered within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

KinderSleep Facebook Community

The KinderSleep Facebook Community is a private Facebook Group where parents provide peer-to-peer support for each other through their sleep coaching experiences.

Additional Follow-Up Calls

The Client Rate is $40 for the first 15 minutes or less; and then $15 for each additional 5 minutes. The client rate is available for as long as you may need support.

If this is the package for you and you are ready to get started then choose your currency from the list, and fill out the form below. You will get an e-mail right away with details on how to access the Better Sleep Toolkit where you can start watching the videos immediately! To schedule your Sleep Consult you can click this link to schedule it right away.

If you have questions, or prefer to pay by Interac Direct Payment (Canada only), or need a customized invoice because you have twins, or want to add any of the other options from the Other Sleep Services & Add-ons page, then just use the Contact Us form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with answers to your questions or a customized invoice. Or, use this link to schedule a free 15 minute mini-Consult to ask your questions! Choose your currency from the drop down list below. Note that Canadians will have HST added to their package price automatically based on their province of residence.

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