Dr. Carly Wendler, Naturopathic Doctor.  Alternative healthcare for children and families.

Nelia DeAmaral, CLD is a certified, experienced Birth Doula, Yoga Teacher and Perinatal Wellness Specialist. She provides specialized support to  reduce prenatal and postpartum anxiety, heal from birth trauma and create a more loving birth experience.
Special glasses night lights and reading lights that can improve both your sleep and your health. - Circle of Security


Pregnancy and Birth


Breastfeeding - Excellent Resource for breastfeeding information and troubleshooting


Postpartum Depression Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Clinical Psychologist Private and Confidential counseling707-875-9961. Expert in postpartum mood disorders and survivor of postpartum depression, her personalized ppd wellness plans include a multi faceted approach including counseling, nutrition, lifestyle and at times medication. Offers phone consultations and evaluations to women and families around the world.


Doula Training and Doula Organizations